"Don’t walk into the single biggest purchase of your lifetime without the right knowledge and ammunition"

As a top sales producer for a new homebuilder, I was constantly amazed at how the exact same house, with the exact same features, on the exact same type of lot, could be sold for thousands of dollars more…or less… depending on the day and the customer.

Now that I’m on the other side of the negotiation table I want everyone to be armed with the inside knowledge I've learned over the years!

• What time of the month to buy? (Waiting a few days pays off)

• What time of the year to buy? (One of the biggest money savers)

• How to get free upgrades? (A great bargaining chip)

• How to research the builder’s bottom line? (Know what it really costs)

• Where and how to research the community? (What could be built nearby?)

• Should I use a Real Estate Agent? (Will it cost more or save you money in the end?)

  ... and many more.

I'll answer questions like...

I used to sell this 12 week DVD course for $995!

But when you use me, you’ll get the book and secrets for FREE!


In fact, I’m so confident you’ll save $$$$


If you don’t save at least $3,000...

I’ll pay you $3,000 at Closing!

And the really amazing part is you don’t ever pay a penny.


You’ll get the power of a full service Real Estate agency representing you from research to negotiation to contract, all 100% absolutely free.

I’m so sure we’ll find you the home of your dreams, if you’re not completely satisfied with your new home in the next 18 months… 

I’ll sell it for FREE!

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“It’s like being inside your

salesperson’s head...

...knowing what he’s thinking.” 

K.J. Menendez, Texas

Like knowing the hidden tricks a magician uses in his act, suddenly everything seems so clear and easy to understand.

Now YOU TOO can be in on the secret, knowing you’re always one step ahead.


Buying a brand new home is something we only do once or twice in our lives.


Most people have little or no experience, and almost no one has ever actually practiced doing it.

Why risk the single largest investment of your life to chance? Don’t go in unprepared. Get the help you need. Get the same tools and the knowledge that the other side has. Learn their Secrets today!

I understand what it’s like to feel anxious and unprepared when negotiating with someone you know has the upper-hand.

I will never forget buying my first car on my own. I was 22 and had just moved halfway across the country from my family. I was nervous and dreading it, but I needed a car.

I didn’t know the right questions to ask or how to go

about negotiating a better deal.

I had shopped for weeks, but I still didn’t really know what I was doing. I was simply faking it.

It was a costly, but valuable lesson.

Years later, I became the person with the “upper-hand.”

During my first job with a homebuilder, I underwent long and detailed sales training. This builder was a giant in the industry and had put a ton of resources into intensive training and consistent and constant practice.


It was eye opening to see the lengths they would go with even the smallest details

that were designed to get you to buy. It’s a highly profitable business and nothing is left to chance.

"You’ll be shocked at the lengths this multi-billion dollar industry

will go to squeeze every dollar they can, without you ever knowing

the difference! But here is how you can turn the tables!"

Imagine if you were the coach of a championship team and you knew all of the other team’s plays. But not only that, you also knew which one they were going to call before each play.

That’s how it feels when we pull the back the curtain and reveal

Knowing the tricks of the trade is quite an unfair advantage…and a fun one at that. Our Customers Love Our Training...And their New homes!
And You Will Too.


“We never imagined the great lengths and psychology they use to get you to pay their price. Once we knew the secret to what was happening it was almost like we were selling him.” 

Al Artino, N.Y.


“We saved $12,500 off the price, which is worth dozens more than we paid for the course. We would have paid $2,500 to walk in with the knowledge we had and we still would have come out $10,000 ahead.” 

Hung & Mary Nguyen, MARYLAND


“When they accepted $20,000 off their first asking price, I was ready to sign. Then Peggy told him we also wanted a full tile backsplash upgrade. That’s when I got nervous, but when it was all said and done, we walked out with a $20,000 discount and free upgrades. From now on, I’m letting my wife negotiate everything.” 

Joe & Peggy Hallister, FLORIDA

Think About It for a Second...

Name one single item that you will purchase in your lifetime

that is more expensive or important than your own home.


Why would you go into those negotiations unprepared?


Shouldn’t you have the tools and the knowledge that the other

side has?

I’ll show you the secrets to saving $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more.

Amortize the interest on those savings over the life of your mortgage.

What would you do with an extra 10 to 20 grand, or more?

Buy all new furniture for the house? Upgrade your car for

that new garage?

Now that I’m on the other side, I want everyone to be armed and dangerous.
I don’t want a single person walking away wondering if they left a ton

of money on the table!

I want to share your success story!

That’s why I’m making this FREE to everyone.

All that I ask is that you let us help you with your next new

home purchase. You’ll get the home of your dreams, save money,

and my services won’t cost you a penny!


If you don’t save a minimum of $3,000 off the cost of the home...

I’ll pay you $3,000 at Closing! (conditions apply)

I'm so convinced you’ll get the home of your dreams, if you’re not completely satisfied with your new home in the next 18 months,

I’ll sell it for FREE!

Get the same tools and the knowledge that the other side has. Learn their Secrets today!

This step-by- step, hand holding book will take you through subjects like:

Research  •   Preparation  •   Psychology  •   Competition Fact Finding

Closing Techniques  •   Personality Traits  •   Bottom Line Determiners

Detailed Real World and Ready To Use Scripts


You’ll receive a lesson on body language and facial expressions to know

when your salesperson is bluffing …or throwing in the towel.

And remember, it costs you absolutely nothing to use me as your agent,

but it may cost you plenty in time, money, incentives and upgrades if you don’t!

Don’t go in alone, Go with an expert and SAVE!!!

Rob Rovnak is a respected Realtor and Author who is based in Sarasota Florida.

In his books, Rob has laid out his proven marketing strategies for you to use.

If you don’t have time to implement these strategies yourself, then you can hire him to implement them for you.

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